A new space of visual action is a space of visual action that wants to stimulate the own critical thought. Anyone can find tools to study, research, create, experiment, critique, dialogue and understand the flow of images that come to us on and off the Internet.

In this first edition we have created a program of actions that that has the purpose to reflect on our relationship with the images from their logics of production, management, circulation, consumption and appropriation. The program of actions has emerged from the meeting of 7 people working with images from various disciplines: Julián Barón, Jon Cazenave, Xosé Lois G. Failde, Andrea Jösch, Romero Intimacy, Mario Santamaria and Aitziber Urtasun.

NETWORK OF EDUCATIONAL CENTERS also extends its program and develops specific contents of visual didactics through a network of educational centers. This program offers some initial ideas for the tutors-teachers of schools to work with the students from the context of the images.

We start this project with students of Fundació Collserola of Barcelona, applying the program of actions in the subject of 'Audiovisual Culture' of 1st and 2nd courses of Bachillerato. If you are a teacher or student of an educational center and want to participate in this network, get in touch with us and we will inform you on how to do it. is a project born in the context of DONE 2016 and promoted by the Fundación Foto Colectania, which has the collaboration of the Fundació Banc Sabadell and with the help of the General Direction of Politics and Cultural Industries and of the Book of the Ministry of Culture.

With the collaboration of PlayGround.

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