Serie EXCESSOCENUS ©Cristina de Middel y Bruno Morais.

EXCESSOCENUS Installation. Cristina de Middel and Bruno Morais. Art Photo Bcn

We invite you to the presentation of the EXCESSOCENUS installation that Cristina de Middel and Bruno Morais have made in the Foto Colectania library.

The presentation will take place in Foto Colectania by the artists, with whom we will connect via Skype. After the presentation, we will open a round of questions among the attendees to learn about the intricacies of the project, its peculiar production and adaptation to the space.

EXCESSOCENUS investigates the excessive development of current society, which is the main creator of absolute inequality among citizens. Unfathomable inequalities that are reflected more clearly in underdeveloped countries. With these images the authors look out for the viewer's reaction, pointing where to look by reflecting on their own consumption habits, their motivations and consequences.

The images of this sample are produced in very diverse supports that in turn reflect the great variety of mechanisms that we have at present to convey a message so that the image invades our lives.

Free entrance. Limited capacity.
After the activity a Damm beer will be offered.

The activity will take place in Foto Colectania and the installation can be seen in the library until May 7th.

This activity is part of the program of activities of Foto Colectania that have the collaboration of the Damm Foundation.
This activity is part of the EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL OF BARCELONA 2018, organized by ART PHOTO BCN.

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