Fifty Dots Gallery

Exclusive activity for Friends and Benefactors : Visit to Fifty Dots Gallery

Fifty Dots is an art gallery located in Barcelona, specialized in contemporary photography. The project is born from the concern of its two creators to strengthen the photographic medium as an artistic discipline. To this end, he dedicates his space to different exhibitions throughout the year, as well as other activities related to the dissemination of photography as an artistic and creative medium.

For this exclusive activity for our Friends and Benefactors, we have summoned some of the authors of the gallery to explain their work to us firsthand. The photographers who will accompany us are: Israel Ariño, Irene Cruz, Eugeni Gay, Alex LLovet and César Ordóñez.

Activity for Friends and Benefactors of Foto Colectania
Activity: We will visit the photo gallery FiftyDots with the photographers

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