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Each of our Benefactors is a vital contribution to Foto Colectania. By becoming a Benefactor, you will be of great support to us. Additionally, you will be part of a group of people committed to culture, besides of enjoying the intense activities program exclusively addressed to our partners.

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Every year, Foto Colectania prints out, exclusively for its Benefactors, a special edition of a photograph by a renowned photographer of its Collection.

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Benefactors' Photograph 2017 | Xavier Ribas

Xavier Ribas. London Wall #5

Become a Benefactor of our Foundation and you will enjoy an original photograph of Xavier Ribas, limited edition for the Benefactors of Foto Colectania.

This photograph is made from the pedestrian bridge that crosses London Wall, in the City of London, the oldest settlement in the city. The recurring theme of the images in this series is the invisibility of memory. The name of the street refers to the demolished medieval wall of the city. The dialogue between the two architectural typologies of the two facades of the street is striking, as if both sides were 'frontier spaces', annexes of an invisible wall that precedes them. Michel de Certeau speaks of the 'invisible identities of the visible' and that the city is made of voids where the visible designates what is no longer there.

Each of our Benefactors is a vital contribution to Foto Colectania. In addition to supporting us, you will be part of a group of people committed to culture and enjoy the intense program of activities that we perform exclusively for our Benefactors.


  • Personal card valid for 2 people that will allow you free admission to all our exhibitions.

  • Priority information on our programming.

  • Exclusive activities: commented visits to our exhibitions with photographers, collectors and curators; Private visits to other exhibitions in the city, photographers studios, collectors

  • Reservation of place in the activities carried out in Foto Colectania and in friendly institutions

  • Advice on the conservation of photographic works

  • Nominal mention at the entrance of the Foundation, on the website and in the catalogs.

  • Gift of the catalogs edited by the Foundation.

  • 10% In the trips organized by the Foundation, specialized in art and photography.

  • Annual gift of 1 original photograph of a photographer from the collection. Limited edition exclusively for our partners.

Tax advantages, new patronage law: remember that during 2016 give cost less and you can deduct up to 32.7% of your contributions. Contribution of 1000 euros of which 750 are 100% deductible

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