School Partners

A society based on the visual media requires the interaction of organizations that develop educational processes from the image and photography to generate greater knowledge, innovation and critical thinking.

Foto Colectania, within its School Partner program, develops, in collaboration with the educational centers, a series of specific programs with this objective.


  • The Projector: It is a cycle of activities created in 2010 with the aim of showing the different initiatives that coexist in the panorama of photographic creation in Spain. In this cycle there will be a session dedicated to the works of the students that are selected by the Friend Schools of the Foundation.

  • Commented visit of each exhibition exclusively for the students of the Friend School by its curator, artist or the director of the Foundation.

  • Collection and conservation camera: Students will be able to access the photographic collection of Foto Colectania, as well as to know the work that is developed in the management of the collection.

  • Higher visibility: The image of the Friend School will be present in the luminous of the Foundation located in the access to the exhibition hall, will also be present in the acknowledgments of all our publications, and in the web page of Foto Colectania.

  • Priority information: Foto Colectania will establish a permanent channel of communication with the school and students, so they will obtain exclusive information on all our programming and activities.

  • Preference reservation: Aimed at school staff and students, who have a preference to attend the wide range of activities developed by Foto Colectania and its friendly institutions.

  • Discounts: Students, teachers and school staff will enjoy a 5% discount on publications, workshops and trips organized by Foto Colectania, as well as a 45% share of the Foundation's individual Friend.

  • Tax Incentives: The contributions made by the Friend Schools are subject to the relevant tax benefits stipulated in the patronage and sponsorship law.

  • Agreement of educational collaboration: Students of the Friend School of Foto Colectania have priority to obtain some of the places offered to practice in the Foundation.

  • Free entrance: Teachers and students of the school can attend free and unlimited visits to all the exhibitions held by Fundación Foto Colectania in its facilities.

  • Portfolio review: Foto Colectania team will advise students, who are selected by the school, through a final review of their portfolios.

  • Specialized library: Teachers and students of the school will have at their disposal the specialized library of Foto Colectania, which is constantly growing and currently has more than two thousand books of photography, thus increasing the resources of schools Extending the horizons and sources of knowledge.

Consult and idea with us new forms of collaboration tailored for your center and your students.

Tax rebates, new patronage law: Remember that during 2016 donate costs less and you can be taxed up to 32.7% of your contributions.

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