Weegee by Weegee (Oviedo)
Primer Crimen, 1936c. © Weegee/ International Center of Photography / Cortesía Colección M. + M. Auer

Weegee by Weegee (Oviedo)

In the convulsed New York of the 30s and 40s, Weegee was a freelance photojournalist who published in all the major newspapers and turned crime into a spectacle.
Always alert, he had in his car a radio tuned with the frequency of the police that allowed him to arrive first at the crime scene. His technique, of hard backlighting, gave the photos an aura of truthfulness and drama that continues to impact the viewer.

The exhibition WEEGEE BY WEEGEE. Collection M. + M. Auer , brings together more than one hundred vintage photographs of one of the best collections in the world, M. + M. Auer from Switzerland, carefully selected and vertebrated from Weegee's books and publications in press.

After Foto Colectania, the exhibition Weegee by Weegee now travels to Oviedo.


  • Banc Sabadell Foundation