Maridajes V: Xavier Miserachs / Francesc Català-Roca
© Francesc Català-Roca

Maridajes V: Xavier Miserachs / Francesc Català-Roca

The Bodegas Roda in Haro (La Rioja) host to April 2010 the fifth annual series of exhibitions of photography "Pairing" organized by the Foundation Foto Colectania. From a sample of 27 photographs of the back of the Foundation. It is evident that Xavier Miserachs and Francesc Català-Roca, plus good friends friends were complicit in his particular way of positioning in photography. The lives of the characters in the street was the most inspired topic for these two masters of photography of the 50s and 60s.

Xavier Miserachs and Francesc Català-Roca had in common aesthetic clear links in their approach to photography in black and white. Both shared the sobriety of treatment of natural light and the role of the vitality of street life. These catalan photographers also claimed a renewal of the cultural landscape of gray those decades, who said with all the means then were within his reach through exhibitions, magazines, books ...

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