Maridajes VI: Paco Gómez / Chema Madoz
© Chema Madoz / VEGAP

Maridajes VI: Paco Gómez / Chema Madoz

Bodegas Roda in Haro (La Rioja), hosting the sixth annual photographic exhibition series "Marriages", which Bodegas Roda and the Foundation Photo Colectania organized since 2007. On this occasion, the works of photographers Chema Madoz Paco Gomez and unite with one common goal: a fascination with objects. With several decades of separation, Gomez and Madoz works together to find the poetic view of photography inspires the imagination with very little. The exhibition can be visited at Bodegas Roda May 5 at the end of October 2010.

Paco Gomez (Pamplona 1918) and Chema Madoz (Madrid 1958) share the same vision of photography. Unlike the work of a reporter, two photographers looking for the subtle details that inspire feelings and, thanks to the imagination, tell stories. To do this, they just light up the grass, reframing graffiti, getting the stains on the walls and the trench coats, or simply support a ladder on a mirror. Always with the serenity of those who do not play anything, despite the apparent and create between genius.

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