Artwork as Collection. The Artist as Collector

Artwork as Collection. The Artist as Collector

Artwork as Collection. The Artist as Collector

The exhibition curated by Joan Fontcuberta, is a self-produced project was presented for the first time in Barcelona Colectania Photo Foundation in February 2013 and which began its tour at the Sala San Benito de Valladolid. It aims to confirm a current growing situation: the shift from the collection of artworks to the artwork as collection. Through the work of 10 artists, Ève Cadieux, Emilio Chapela Perez, Hans Eijkelboom, Erik Kessels, Martin Parr, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Joachim Schmid, Richard Simpkin, Eric Tabuchi and Penelope Umbrico, this exhibition provides an analysis on contemporary photography, one of Colectania's main exhibition lines. Co-produced with the Fundación Banc Sabadell.

"Artworkas Collection. The Artist as Collector", artists and works:

"Les Antres" (2007-2010), Ève Cadieux

"Gun"(2011), Emilio Chapela Pérez

"New York by Numbers" (2011), Hans Eijkelboom

"In Almost Every Picture #9" (2010), Erik Kessels

"Painted Photos" (2012), Collection Martin Parr

"Dies Irae" (2005), Jean-Gabriel Périot

"Other People's Photographs" (2008-2011), Joachim Schmid

"Richard & Famous" (1989-2012), Richard Simpkin

"Alphabet Truck" (2008), Eric Tabuchi

"Sunset Portraits from 11,827,282 Flickr Sunsets on 1/7/2013" (2012), Penélope Umbrico

Sala San Benito, Fundación de Cultura de Valladolid

SanBenito, s/n (Antiguo Monasterio de San Benito), 47001, Valladolid.

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Then it will travel to the Andalusian Centre of Photography(CAF) from September 23 to Desember 9, 2013.

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