I Wanted to Be a Photographer
© Mishka Henner, cortesía Bruce Silverstein Gallery, Nueva York

I Wanted to Be a Photographer

"I Wanted to Be a Photographer" approaches the question of what it means being a photographer today and how the status of the image is changing in contemporary creation. Through thirteen international artists selected by curators Fannie Escoulen and Anna Planas, the show will explore the deep changes that are taking place in the definition of the photographic act.

If machines are able to produce images by themselves, what is the photographer's status today, if he is not the author of the pictures anymore? Can we still talk about photography when the works are made of images from archives, Internet, coming from the History of Photography, manipulated, created and reappropriated after a collective impetus or produced by new technics?

The variety of projects included in the exhibition (as books and on the walls) offers us different approaches to the question, from political, poetical, vernacular and collective gestures, but always paying tribute to photography, to its techniques, ethics and aesthetics; and therefore, showing the increasingly open limits of creation itself.

This exhibition is part of Foto Colectania's annual programs, which are focused this year on the question "Well, what is photography?", and has the support of Banco Sabadell Foundation.

Artists: Laurence Aëgerter, Antoine d'Agata, Roger Guaus, Mishka Henner, Sherrie Levine, Michael Mandiberg, Doug Rickard, Thomas Ruff, Oliver Sieber & Katja Stuke, Stéphanie Solinas and Jan Hofer & Severin Zaugg.