Today, in a scenario marked by the saturation of impacts, reaching quality audiences in the hands of a social and artistic project can make a difference. Each brand has a mission and a personality, and photography has infinite possibilities of adaptation to all of them. We propose innovative formulas in CSR adapted to the needs of each brand. We offer a clear and tangible return that bets on the art and photography by the hand of a reference entity, offering a great visibility and scope, both general and segmented.

  • Banc

    Banc Sabadell Foundation


    The Fundación Banco Sabadell (Banco Sabadell Foundation) was constituted as a private foundation in 1994 for the purposes of stimulating intelligence and promoting knowledge and culture.

    The Foundation’s objective is to promote activities of dissemination, training and research in the educational, scientific and cultural fields, as well as to encourage and support young talent. Over the course of its history, it has made a significant contribution by giving impetus to activities in these spheres and has also become consolidated as organiser of two prestigious awards: the Banco Sabadell Foundation Prize for Biomedical Research and the Banco Sabadell Foundation Prize for Economics Research.

    Fundación Banco Sabadell
    Rambla Catalunya 115
    08008 Barcelona
    T 938 826 960

  • Damm

    Damm Foundation


    Created in 2001, the DAMM Foundation aims to diffuse, develop, protect and promote sports activities, especially soccer, as well as cultural and social events and general activities based on the principles of common good and integral development of the person.Year after year, the DAMM Foundation has been involved with the most disadvantaged social fabric as well as cultural and sports organizations that have required its support, offering funding by its multiple resources to initiatives that contribute to strengthen the Foudnation's commitment to all social strata.

    Fundació Damm
    Rosselló, 515
    08025 Barcelona

  • Bodegas

    Bodegas Roda S.A.


    Bodegas Roda S.A. was founded in 1987 with the aim to become a reference for quality within the country's best wines. It currently includes 120 hectares of vineyard, 70 in its own property and the rest by agreement with other vine-growers. We elaborate 300.000 bottles under our trademarks RODA I, RODA and CIRSION, which are distributed in 54 countries.

    We also produce 175.000 bottles of oil that comes from estates in Girona and Mallorca, DAURO and AUBOCASSA respectively, within the same philosophy in terms of production: to seek for excellence in each step of the process. Within the frame of its management strategy, Bodegas Roda has defined a policy to support scientific research, development and technological innovation as the route towards constant improvement of its competitiveness and growth. As a result, triennial plans for I+D+I have been defined.

    Bodegas Roda
    Avda. Vizcaya, 5.
    26200 Haro (La Rioja).

  • Havas

    Havas Media


    Havas Media is the network of media agencies in the group Havas, the fifth group in global communication. Through the work of its agencies MPG (Media Planning Group), Arena (personalized communication services net), Media Contacts (digital media), Havas Sports (sports marketing) and B6 Integrated Entertainment (branded entertainment), our group works with more than 1,000 clients, operating in over 100 countries. Havas Media works with clients in managing and coordinating their actions and communication to build strong brands that support the achievement of business results. Havas Media in Spain is the leader in communications, employing more than 800 professionals in its various business units.

    Doctor Fleming, 17
    08017 Barcelona

  • Latham

    Latham & Watkins


    Latham & Watkins is an attorneys' international office that offers integral advice service. Thanks to his solid experience, strong commitment with its clients and the quality of the work it carries out, Latham & Watkins has turned into one of the leading offices worldwide. With more than 2.100 attorneys distributed in 31 offices, including Madrid and Barcelona, it relies on a team that works together and in a transnational way in all different legal disciplines in Europe, The United States and Asia.

    LATHAM & WATKINS Barcelona
    Avenida Diagonal 477, 10th Floor
    08036 Barcelona

  • Nespresso



    Nestlé Nespresso S.A. is a pioneer on the market of coffee in portions, providing coffee of highest quality at home or at restaurants, cafés, hotels and offices. The revelation was the creation of the exclusive trilogy Nespresso, an exclusive combination of the best varieties of coffee worldwide, design machines of coffee and advanced technology, and an incomparable service to the client. These three elements provide the Nespresso experience of a Perfect Coffee.

    Nestlé Nespresso
    Pº Bonanova, 9, 1º2ª
    08022 Barcelona

  • Salomó

    Salomó & Bonet-Godó Bróker de Seguros

    Salomó & Bonet-Godó Bróker de Seguros
    SBG Broker is an insurance broker formed by a group of professionals, with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. The incorporation of knowledge into management, methodology and technological innovation improve response time, creating value for your customers. The vocation of permanent and personalized service, positions them as a professional reference.

    Salomó&Bonet-Godó Bróker de Seguros S.L.
    Tuset 20, 1º 8ª
    08006 Barcelona

  • La

    La Vanguardia


    La Vanguardia is a newspaper owned by the Godó family since it was founded on first of February in 1881. Considered the flagship of Godó Communications Group, it is printed daily in Barcelona and Avila. Throughout its history, 129 years, La Vanguardia has seen three centuries and it is a reference of modern newspaper, cosmopolitan and innovative in all industrial and technological processes. It's a model of European prestige press and currently publishes a series of weekly thematic supplements such as culture, Es-(Lifestyles), Money (economics), Magazine, Què Fem, TVmanía and special notebooks dedicated to the financial sector and another to the motor world. Since its origins, La Vanguardia is also a symbol of Catalan and Spanish civil society. Its president-editor is Javier Godo, Godó Count, which belongs to the fourth generation of a family traditionally linked to media companies. The fifth generation is represented by Charles Godo Valls, who is managing director, and Anna Godo Valls, who is publisher director.

    Grupo Godó
    Avda. Diagonal 477, 2º. E-08036
    Barcelona. España

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