Francisco Gómez [Edificio Centro Madrid] © Archivo Paco Gómez / Fundación Foto Colectania

Catalogue: 'Archivo Paco Gómez. El instante poético y la imagen arquitectónica'

Catalogue: (Includes texts in English at the rear)

'Paco Gómez Archive. The Poetic Instant and the Architectural Image'

The complete preservation of the photographic archive of Francisco Gómez, which was donated by his heirs to the Foto Colectania Foundation in 2001, made up of over 24,000 negatives and nearly 1,000 copies, is a circumstance that makes it possible to know almost his entire production.

His, was a career that encompassed four decades, from the 1950s to the 1990s, in which we can find different photographic trends or techniques: from what might be referred to as his more “creative” work —his most renowned production so far—, to an extensive contribution to architectural photography, including different documentation projects, photographic reports or portraits.

The objective of this publication, and of the exhibition project curated by Alberto Martín which accompanies it, is to carry out for the first time a comprehensive approach of his career through the presentation of and conversation with the different facets of his photographic production, as well as the different contexts in which it is framed.

EDITOR : Alberto Martín
TEXTS: Alberto Martín / Iñaki Bergera / Rafael Lavenfeld

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