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The Projector 2017 | Schools of Photography

Schools of Photography. Photo projections of the student's most significant works of the year.

Through awards, specialised visits and activities intended to promote the student's photographic projects, at Foto Colectania we develop together with our Friendly Schools educational processes aimed to generate a higher understanding and thought around the photographic image.

Tuesday June 13th at 7pm
Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC)

Graduate Programme in Photography

Ariadna Balart, Dactilogrames
Anna Batalla, Diamba
Jordi Fuentes, Els fills d’en Puret
Montserrat Guarro, Camins al silenci
Matt Evans, It ain’t easy
Marya Peyret, Ghuleh
Laia Serch, Llar
Carlos Esquivel, Amanda Martín, Marta González, Tres històries: Mariona, Dennis i Pedro

Wednesday June 14th at 7pm
IDEP Barcelona

Graduate in Photography
Final degree Project

Sandra Torras, Carne
Buen Javier, ZENIT
Edu Calde, La Mort
Victor Gonzalez, ISO 1983
Ariadna Junyent, Life in plastic it’s fantastic

Thursday June 15th at 7pm
Escuela Internacional de Fotografía GrisArt

Photoreportage Programme

Hanna Jarzabek, Marià
Alberto Barba, War Mapu
Luca Aimi y Katia Repina, I Don´t Need To Know You
Marina Ruiz Vallejo, Here is
Martí Gasull, AUM
Carlos Torres, Cuando cae la noche

Free entrance. Limited capacity.

Foto Colectania's Friends and Benefactors will have a reserved seat.

This activity is part of Foto Colectania's public programmes which count with the Damm Foundation support.

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