The Other Photography

The Other Photography

The 60's in the Colección Colectania Photo Foundation

Francesc Català-Roca, Joan Colom, Gabriel Cualladó, José Miguel De Miguel, Manuel Ferrol, Francisco Gómez, Xavier Miserachs, Nicolás Muller, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Ricard Terré and Virxilio Viéitez.

The exhibition that we present in the Community of Madrid for the art spaces of RED ITINER is a selection made specifically for this project, from the collection of Spanish photography of Fundació Foto Colectania. We have gathered in it the work of some of the most emblematic Spanish photographers of the sixties, underlining the diversity and richness of a key period of our photography.

With the "other photography" (term coined by Oriol Maspons in his article Salonismo) we want to highlight a photographic movement, increasingly recognized, which was signified by his fidelity to a photograph committed to his time, that fled from exoticism, artifice and the repetition. They were a large minority of restless photographers who revealed themselves to the sad panorama of their time, to surprise us with their exceptional images.

The exhibition includes more than seventy original photographs of twelve authors representing the creative poles of the moment: the School of Madrid and the new Barcelona avant-garde, without neglecting photographers from other points of the Peninsula such as Almería (Afal Group), Galicia or Valencia.