Correspondence is an online project that aims to reflect upon the relevance that photography has had in contemporary society and the visual culture of our times, keeping in mind historical perspective and the original contexts in which it has been created and disseminated. Unlike a face-to-face activity, the chosen format of these talks is intended to hark back to the traditional form of correspondence, when there was a time lapse between when a letter was received and when it was answered. In this way, this project aims to reclaim the practice of "unhurried reflection" in an era marked by the "here and now".

The Correspondence project will extends throughout the year following three discussions on the following topics:

  • The WHEN in photography, giving emphasis to the concept of time that connects photography and history

  • The WHERE, exploring the places where photography lives and how its meaning changes through its various processes of re-contextualization

  • And, finally, the WHO, exploring various photographic practices from the point of view of the image maker, as well as other issues related to the concept of authorship.

This project is part of a series of projects that Foto Colectania will be undertaking throughout 2016 under a common theme reflected in the statement "Well, what is photography?" Rather than trying to provide a single answer, the aim is to demonstrate how photography, seen as a range of technologies and practices, discourses and languages, and as a constantly expanding archive, refuses to be fixed in one place and time. The diversity and multiplicity of analysis and perspectives have made photography both a tool of representation and, essentially, a tool to explore the contemporary world.

Part 2: Where

Participants: Urs Stahel / Hester Keijser

Calendar: June-July

Publishing dates of each Correspondence: 2-9-16-23-30 June | 7-14-21 July

This project is supported by Fundació Banc Sabadell