DONE2 | Visibility

DONE is a project of creation and thinking that aims to approach the image’s new ecosystem, in the times after digital technology and Internet. This second edition is presented as a laboratory for reflection, research and visual creation around five key issues: thinking, visibility, body, information and aesthetics.

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December. Visibility

Conference - New materiality of the image
Joana Moll & Tanit Plana
Monday 12,19h
Location: Foto Colectania

Far from being an immaterial agent, Internet is an extremely complex structure composed of a massive number of actors, which have a direct and deep impact on our daily lives. In spite of their main role in the configuration of society, the material and intangible architectures responsible for shaping and operating the network are ignored by the majority of users. Moreover, the social representation of the network is drawn as an ethereal, inorganic, even divine entity, “The Cloud”. On this session we will talk about the different political wills that lay behind the construction of these fictions and about the different efforts in the field of artistic research to demystify them.

Session Lab 2 -
Mario Santamaría
Saturday 17

The objective of the workshop is to operate with experimental tactics of distribution and circulation of symbolic practices, as opposed to the ruling regime of transparency and visibility. We will collectively compose a work-manifest. The working process will be exclusively online and the collective result will be communicated verbally through the participants.

Laura Tabarés
December 19th

Laura Tabarés: León, 1991. She combines and hybridizes research, management, curating and creation around the study of the image, photography and artivism in the Internet age. She uses various media such as audio-visual conferences, the writings published on social networks, the expo-farra, postphotography etc., developing her projects with humour and a critical and generational point of view.

DONE is a project promoted by the Foto Colectania Foundation with the collaboration of the Fundació Banc Sabadell and with the support of the Dirección General de Política e Industrias Culturales y del Libro del Ministerio de Cultura.