First International PhotoBook Clubs Online Meeting

First International PhotoBook Clubs Online Meeting

The Online Photobook Club is presented as a new node in the international network inviting different photobook clubs from around the world to participate in this first Internet session. In this meeting, participants will propose and explain a photography book that represents them in some way, in addition to briefly introducing the dynamics and trajectory of their organization. The activity will be moderated by María Canudas.

In recent years, a spontaneous international photobook club network has emerged around the world in an independent and self-managed way. From Jakarta to Mexico City, passing through Lisbon, Brisbane, Barcelona and a dozen more cities, lovers of photography books have organized meetings in which they share their passion for books face to face. An essential reality to take into account to understand the "Photobook Phenomenon" that gives title to the exhibition organized by the CCCB and Foto Colectania, and that this activity aims to complete. The network has also promoted different initiatives and interconnected activities such as the celebration of the International Book Day every October 14th (the date on which the first photography book in history was published) or the Box of Books, a box with books that travelled from club to club across much of the planet. The management of each of the groups is independent, although the vast majority of the clubs keep in touch and spread their activities through the Internet, managing to join an active international community despite being geographically dispersed.

Activity at Foto Colectania and streamed in English.

Free entrance, limited capacity.

Activity organized by Widephoto.

This activity is organized to accompany the exhibition "Photobook Phenomenon", co-produced by the CCCB and Foto Colectania, and it is part of the annual cycle "Photography: In Print | Online" organized by Foto Colectania with the collaboration of Banco Sabadell Foundation.

Foto Colectania’s Friends and Benefactors may have reserved seats.

At the end of the event, a Damm beer will be offered courtesy of the Damm Foundation.