CORRESPONDENCE 2017 | Photography: In print | Online

CORRESPONDENCE 2017 | Photography: In print | Online

Correspondence is an online project that aims to reflect on the relevance that photography has taken in contemporary visual culture without losing the historical perspective and its original contexts of creation and diffusion. This second edition of Correspondence’s program is extended throughout the year following the thread of two conversations that will be developed around a subject that embraces Foto Colectania’s 2017 exhibitions and activities. This motto is: Photography: In print | Online, and serves as a starting point to approach these two environments in which photography resides and can be found.

Each of the conversations will have a duration of two months in which two experts in the field will develop the dialogue. Unlike a face-to-face activity, the chosen format of these conversations wants to refer to the old correspondence, recalling the lapse of time in between receiving and answering a letter. In this way, this program claims the “paused reflection” in an era marked by the “here and now”.


Part 1:

Participants: Fred Ritchin / Nathan Jurgenson
Publishing dates: May 16-30, June 13-27, July 11-25

Part 2:

Participants: Marta Gili / Georges Didi- Huberman
Publishing dates: October 4-18-31, November 14-28, December 19

This program has the main collaboration of the Banc Sabadell Foundation.