Total Records. Live Vinyls: JOHANN WALD
Johann Wald Foto: ©Gala Font de Mora

Total Records. Live Vinyls: JOHANN WALD

Enjoy the pleasure of listening to live vinyls by the hand of the best DJ's.
Gladys Palmera , Ari Up , Paul Simonon and Johann Wald will be the stars of the Total Records sessions. Live Vinyl.

The Foto Colectania Foundation presents, in collaboration with Pioneer DJ and Radio Gladys Palmera, next Wednesday, December 13th at 7:30 p.m. at the Paseo Picasso 14 venue, the first of the live vinyl sessions with the versatile Johann Wald. This activity is part of the exhibition 'TOTAL RECORDS. VINYL AND PHOTOGRAPHY ' that can be seen in Foto Colectania until March 11, 2018.

"Recorded music is one of the greatest contributions that the human being has made to the world, from the composition of songs to the packaging and physical definition of music support, vinyl being the most long-lasting format of all that has been launched to the market up to date. Being able to feel these discs and immerse ourselves in the covers is the closest thing that can be done to reach the creators from the comfort of our homes.
In an increasingly populated world, where it is almost an obligation to occupy as few square meters as possible of habitat, listening to recorded music is a way to expand that limited space and escape to an open plane without moving from the place.
For an hour there will be a selection of songs that belong to albums that help to escape from oneself and that break down the boundaries that we create in our own minds."
- Johann Wald

The artist, after a solid career presenting alternative music and cultural content programs on television and radio (MTV, Cuatro, TVE, Canal Cocina, Red Bull TV, Playground TV, Europa FM - A Place Called World), decided to embark on the path world of gastronomy, adapting everything he learned to this sector, creating Plateselector, the alternative online restaurant guide of which he was a founding member until 2016, and advising several creative agencies. He spends his free time to continue discovering countercurrent music and puncturing social encounters.


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