Activity only for Friends and Benefactors: Ruta DOCfield 2017
© Eyad Abou Kasem. Un bosque al otro lado. CC Pati Llimona

Activity only for Friends and Benefactors: Ruta DOCfield 2017

DOCfield Barcelona celebrates its fifth edition in 2017 on the theme of human mobility and travel in its many forms.

In this activity, we invite you to visit the most outstanding exhibitions of DOCfield Barcelona 2017, by the Photographic Social Vision team.

The visit focuses on two exhibitions: No more lives drifting Proactive Open Arms, two years of mission in the Mediterranean and Exodus. Life and death on the Libyan route to Europe, which has the photographs of some of the best photojournalists nationally and internationally. The exhibition claims a flagrant humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean, but at the same time it's a tribute to the courage of the migrants and a praise to the rescue teams that give them the dignified help they deserve.

Activity for Friends and Bennefactors of Foto Colectania
Activity: DOCfield Barcelona Route, by the hand of Photographic Social Vision
Date: Thursday November 16 at 7pm.
Place: Museu Marítim de Barcelona, ​​Av. De les Drassanes s / n
How to get there: Subway: L3, Drassanes