Total Records. Live Vinyls: RADIO GLADYS PALMERA
Tommy Meini y Jose Artega © Gala Font de Mora

Total Records. Live Vinyls: RADIO GLADYS PALMERA

The sound system of Gladys Palmera's Collection disembarks in Foto Colectania with a cool journey through the most dazzling nights of the Caribbean.

Mambos, guarachas, chachachás, groove sounds, latin vintage are some of the ingredients of a unique musical session, where lovers of Latin music of all times will enjoy the jewels of the Gladys Palmera Collection, considered the most important in the Afro-Cuban world and shown in the Total Records exhibition with a sample of vinyl covers and iconic photographs of the golden age of Cuban music.

Tommy Meini and José Arteaga, responsible for the Gladys Palmera Collection, will act as masters of ceremonies, selecting some of the most valuable gems in the catalog: unpublished recordings, exquisitely preserved, that rarely leave their shelves. This will be an unmissable occasion to evoke, through music, the spell of the legendary Caribbean nights.

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