CORRESPONDENCE 2018 | Reading Images
Nan Goldin, Twisting at my birthday party, 1980.

CORRESPONDENCE 2018 | Reading Images

Correspondence is an on-line project that wants to reflect on the relevance that photography has taken in contemporary visual culture without losing historical perspective and its original contexts of creation and dissemination.

Each of the Correspondence sections will last two months during which two experts in the field will develop a dialogue. Unlike a face-to-face activity, the chosen format of these conversations aims to refer us to the old correspondence, where there was a time lapse between the time a letter was received and answered. In this way, this program wants to claim the “slow reflection” in an era marked by the “here and now”.

This program started in 2016 under the statement “Well, what is photography?”, Rather than trying to provide a unique answer, the aim was to show how photography, understood as a set of technologies and practices, of discourses and languages and as a file in constant expansion, resists being fixed in a single place and time. The participants of these dialogues were: Abigail Solomon-Godeau and Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir, Urs Stahel and Hester Keijser, and Joan Fontcuberta with Geoffrey Batchen.

In 2017 the theme “Photography: In print | Online“, served as a starting point to approach these two environments, where photography resides and can be found. Fred Ritchin and Nathan Jurgenson in a first part, and Marta Gili with Georges Didi- Huberman in a second part, dialogue on photography from the channels of circulation and distribution of the images.

The new edition of 2018 starts from the point of view of the receiver: under the motto “Reading images”, the dialogues will focus on how the image, as a language other than writing, is subject to other codes also associated with the symbolic and narrativity, as other ways to access information and knowledge. We will count with Valentín Roma and Mercedes Cebrián in a first dialogue starting in May, and David Campany with Anastasia Samoylova in a second conversation starting in October.

The publication dates of 2018 are:

-Correspondence between Valentín Roma and Mercedes Cebrián: (16 and 31 of May, 14 and 28 of June, 12 and 26 of July).

-Correspondence between David Campany and Anastasia Samoylova: (4, 18 and 31 of October, 15 and 29 of November, 13 of December).

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