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Artificial "Artificial Imaginations": Some provocations in the curating of photography from the 21st century

Round Table on curating photography of the 21st century

How should the photographic image be valued, preserved and interpreted in the post-digital age? This public conversation will address the implications of photography curatorship at a time when digital images are increasingly fugitive, ubiquitous and conserved in computer platforms.

After a presentation of a series of studie cases, Mario Santamaría and Jara Rocha will join Katrina Sluis in a conversation to consider the implications and potential of curating in the era of computational images.

This activity is part of the research program "Curating Photography in the Networked Image Economy", organized by Dr. Wolfgang Brückle of the University of Lucerne and Katrina Sluis, researcher and assistant curator at The Photographers' Gallery in London, in collaboration with Marco Di Mutiis of the Winterthur Photomuseum and Jon Uriarte, artistic director of DONE.

The session will take place in Foto Colectania with the participation of: Paul Wombell (Independent Commissioner), Catherine Troiano (Victoria & Albert Museum) Marta Ponsa (Jeu de Paume), Susanne Saether (Henie Onstad Kunstsenter), Clare Grafik (The Photographers' Gallery) and Doris Gassert (Fotomuseum Winterthur).


At the end of the activity, a courtesy beer from Fundació Damm will be offered, the main collaborator of the Foto Colectania activities.

With the collaboration of: