DONE 4 | Round Table
DONE 4 | Round Table "Technocological Respons(h)abilities"

DONE 4 | Round Table "Technocological Respons(h)abilities"


Abelardo Gil-Fournier (artist and researcher) and Nicolas Malevé (visual artist, programmer and data activist)
Moderator: Jara Rocha (researcher and cultural mediator)
17 February, 7:00 pm

The non-only-digital ecosystems in which the circuit of contemporary vision is implemented occur in a fragile but highly potent semiotic-material balance. Studying how learning or training processes that take place in specific vision technoecologies can be a way of recognizing not so frequent distributions, densities, vocabularies, and temporalities.

From archaeological, archival or infrastructural aesthetic perspectives, works such as those of Nicolas Malevé and Abelardo Gil-Fournier provoke necessary more complex questions about which agencies are interweaved in the machine vision, and what are the environmental, political and/or aesthetical implications of this vision in our here-now.

Free entry. Limited capacity. Without prior reservation.
At the end of the event a Estrella Damm beer will be offered, courtesy of Fundació DAMM.

DONE is a project of creation and thinking that aims to approach the image’s not-so-new ecosystem in the post digital technology and Internet era. This new edition, which is titled ‘Unsupervised Imaginations’, is focused on the intersection of the image and the processes, techniques and materialities of artificial intelligence.

The programme is based on the new stage of computational photography to cover the wide spectrum of questions that non-supervision by humans raises in the technologies involved in the circuit of vision, and invokes aesthetic, political and ethical questions.

In the current edition, the members of the curatorial team are Roc Herms, Martí Sánchez-Fibla, and Jara Rocha.

Image, artificial intelligence and creativity
Joan Fontcuberta, Anna Ridler, Martí Sánchez-Fibla
17 February, 7:00 pm

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