DONE 4 | Round Table
© Anna Ridler

DONE 4 | Round Table "Image, Artificial Intelligence and Creativity"

Joan Fontcuberta (artist, teacher, essayist and critic)
Anna Ridler (artist and researcher)
Moderator: Martí Sánchez-Fibla (teacher and researcher)

We are witnessing new achievements in artificial intelligence (AI) when processing, interpreting, completing and generating images. An example of this is the so-called generative adversary networks (GAN) that generate faces that do not exist and photorealistic images of landscapes from sketches, among many other applications.

In this new activity, we wonder how AI can affect photography and artistic creation. We will talk about it with Joan Fontcuberta and Anna Ridler, whose most recent works have used GAN neural networks.

With them we will address the limits between the real and the computational imaginary, the implications that it can have on creation and the important role they play: the dataset of images with which networks are trained, the architecture of the network same, the algorithms used to train the network, the inputs and parameters of the network, the result generated, the possible creative transformations applied to the result and its contextualization, among others. A new stage in which the so-called computational photography that we presented in the first session enters.

Free entry. Limited capacity. Without prior reservation.
At the end of the event, a Damm beer will be offered courtesy of the DAMM Foundation.

DONE is a project of thought and creation that wants to approach the already-not-so-new image ecosystem after the implementation of digital technology and the Internet. The new edition, which is entitled "Unsupervised Imaginations", addresses the crossings between the image and the processes, techniques and materialities of artificial intelligence.
They are part of the curatorial team of this new edition: Roc Herms, Jara Rocha and Martí Sánchez-Fibla.