LIVE Conversation with Alberto García - Alix
Mi gran ilusión, 1988 ©Alberto García-Alix, Vegap.

LIVE Conversation with Alberto García - Alix


For some time we have been working on a new web platform for our Collection to consult online. In advance of it, on the following weeks we will be showing some content of the photographers that we have widely represented in the collection, as well as offering dialogues and virtual meetings in which we invite you to participate.

We started on Thursday March 26 with a Live meeting on our Instagram with the photographer Alberto García-Alix whom we invited to have a dialogue with Pepe Font de Mora, director of Foto Colectania.

We encouraged our followers to advance the questions that they wanted to ask him through the comments of our social networks.


Here you can also see the special issue dedicated to Alberto García-Alix in our project Impressions, which includes a selection of images and an introductory text by Urs Stahel.