Conversation with Gervasio Sánchez
Gervasio Sánchez. Sokheurm man, victim of a mine, Losong, Camboya, 1996. Foto Colectania Collection

Conversation with Gervasio Sánchez


Continuing with the live conversations with photographers, from Foto Colectania's Collection, that we started with Alberto García-Alix, we invite you to participate in a new activity that will take place on Thursday, April 2 at 7:00 p.m. on our INSTAGRAM FOTO COLECTANIA . The journalist and photographer GERVASIO SÁNCHEZ, who is currently developing a coverage of the coronavirus pandemic for El Heraldo, will maintain a dialogue with Pepe Font de Mora, director of Foto Colectania.

We encourage you to advance the questions you want to ask Gervasio through our social networks.

We also invite you to read the first article that he published in [El Heraldo]( la-crisis-del-coronavirus-hasta-el-infinito-y-mas-alla-1364455.html) about the current situation of the pandemic and how it will affect journalism and the newsroom ecosystem.

And next we offer you to read his daily chronicles titled "Life in times of pandemic" that you can consult at the following link.

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Gervasio Sánchez, Agustín Garcés, director of the centter,  greets a resident with an elbow _EL HERALDO
Gervasio Sánchez, Agustín Garcés, director of the centter, greets a resident with an elbow _EL HERALDO
Gervasio Sánchez, A volunteer of Fumigalia,  EL HERALDO
Gervasio Sánchez, A volunteer of Fumigalia, EL HERALDO


Gervasio Sánchez has covered as a photojournalist most of the armed conflicts in Latin America and the Gulf War from 1984 to 1992, from which he went on to cover the Bosnian War and the fragmentation of the former Yugoslavia. It has also covered different conflicts in Africa and Asia. Since 2001 he directs the Seminar on Photography and Journalism in Albarracín (Teruel), organized and financed by the Santa María de Albarracín Foundation. He has worked for different media, although he has usually done it as a freelance journalist, his collaborations with Heraldo de Aragón (from 1988), La Vanguardia magazine (since 2000) stand out; Cadena SER, the Spanish service of the BBC (since 1994) and Tiempo magazine (since 2000).

Gervasio Sánchez has been a special envoy for UNESCO peace since 1998 and one of the most recognized Spanish reporters at national and international level, with awards such as the National Photography Prize, the Ortega y Gasset Prize and twice the King of Spain Prize for Journalism , among others.


Twitter Account: @gervasanchez

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