The exhibition at Foto Colectania is completed with a selection of some of the most outstanding publications by Daido Moriyama that are displayed in the library, and which come from the collections of Victor Poll, the Editorial RM and the Botland Collection.

Ramón Reverté, director of Editorial RM, speaks to us in the following video about Daido Moriyama's books, with special attention at "Shashin yo sayonara" (Bye, bye photography, Dear) published in 1972, and considered a masterpiece of Japanese photography. In this publication, the author took the photographic medium itself to the limit, with discordant sequences and consequent images, often almost indecipherable.

According to Moriyama himself, “"Of my many books of photographs, Bye, Bye Photography, Dear is closest to my heart. Even now, when I flip through the pages, some thirty years after making it, the book instantly brings back vivid memories of the sixties. Could one give meaning to the meaningless act of printing a simple black and white of a frame that by accident recorded nothing? Perhaps the authority of the failed negative, with all its inherent possibility, could be restored. I imagined I could construct a book -- a book of pure sensation without meaning - by shuffling into a harmonious whole a series of childish images."