DONE 5 | Reflection and visual creation program

DONE 5 | Reflection and visual creation program

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DONE is a project of thought and creation that wants to bring us closer to the not so new ecosystem of the image after the introduction of digital technology and the Internet. The new edition is titled "The More-than-human Mascarade".

Like medieval cyborgs, like the deployment of camouflage tactics by organisms of all kinds or like the great Venetian role-playing and profiling party of the 16th century: the more-than-human masquerade is a zone of tension in which we find ourselves Today. A hyperdigitalized world, where representation, obfuscation, artificiality or simulation are juxtaposed while we dance with our masks in the middle (and through) of social networks and artificial intelligences.

This online edition of DONE is conceived as an online cycle that activates conversations, problematizations, experiments and creations that try to add nuances to a contemporaneity that is still radically mundane, due to its complexity.

DONE 2021 is a program co-curated by Roc Herms, Martí Sánchez Fibla and Jara Rocha for Foto Colectania.

We invite you to attend the activity led by Roc Herms, Martí Sánchez-Fibla and Jara Rocha, in which we will deal with some of the issues raised in the three debates:

DEBATE 1: “La máscara y el espejo”
With Roc Herms, Virginia Lázaro and Juan Martín Prada

DEBATE 2: "Jugando con IA y la cultura cinematográfica"
With Martí Sánchez Fibla, Anna Giralt Gris and Jorge Caballero

DEBATE 3: “All the Feels”
With Jara Rocha and Simone C. Niquille

This ONLINE ACTIVITY in Spanish, took take place at Zoom and through Streaming on Youtube:
Missed it? Watch it below!

More information and programe

DONE is a project promoted by the Foto Colectania Foundation with the collaboration of the Fundació Banc Sabadell and with the support of the Dirección General de Política e Industrias Culturales and El Libro del Ministerio de Cultura.