Exclusive visit to the exhibition

Exclusive visit to the exhibition "The mask never lies"

Activity exclusively for Friends and Benfactors

We have organized a very special activity designed exclusively for Friends and Benefactors: A guided visit to the exhibition "The mask never lies", currently on display at the CCCB.

Curated by Servando Rocha and Jordi Costa, "The mask never lies" takes us on a journey through the political uses of masks in modern society and looks at the politics of how faces are controlled, cultural resistance to identification, the defence of anonymity, the strategies of terror in the act of concealment, and the way in which bad guys, heroes or heroines and dissidents use masks as a symbol of identity. Our world cannot be understood without masks and maskers, and even less so nowadays, when a pandemic has forced us to live behind them.

"Masks are used for us to communicate with the invisible, but they also have a subversive, clandestine component. Beneath them, protected by what is not seen, our identity remains secret and we are able to make our most forbidden desires a reality with some certainty. The mask isn’t the past, and neither does it lie". Servando Rocha