Abstractions in the Foto Colectania Collection with Perejaume
Francisco Gómez © Archivo Paco Gómez / Foto Colectania

Abstractions in the Foto Colectania Collection with Perejaume

Activity organised in collaboration with Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera on the occasion of the exhibition "The Paths of Abstraction, 1957-1978".

In this activity, Perejaume—considered one of the most renowned and multifaceted Spanish artists of our time—will show us and comment on a selection of abstract photographs that form part of the Foto Colectania Collection, making references to the works displayed in the exhibition "The Paths of Abstraction, 1957-1978" at Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera.

The event, with an intimate format, will be an opportunity to take a close look at original photographs through the eyes of Perejaume and his free and creative interpretation. For the occasion, we will show abstract works—taken directly from the conservation chamber— by photographers such as Ton Sirera, Leopoldo Pomés, Helena Almeida, Francisco Gómez and Ramón Masats, among others.

Perejaume began his artistic career in the late 1970s. At the time he was linked to avant-garde movements such as Dadaism, surrealism and conceptual art but also to romanticism and 19th-century Catalan landscape painting. Later on, his artistic production evolved in connection with his literary creation, giving rise to a poetics of infinite metaphorical resonances in which painting, photography, sculpture, words, action, video and sound coexist.

Considered one of the most important collections of photography in Spain, the Foto Colectania collection currently has more than 3,000 works by Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese photographers.

Practical information
Days: 14th and 15th November
Place: Foto Colectania
Time: 6 p.m.
Capacity: 25 persons
Price: 10€
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