Friends of Foto Colectania

Friends of Foto Colectania

Become our friend.
We already are friends of yours.

Visits to exhibitions, meetings with photographers, trips, parties ... Extraordinary experiences that you will be able to know and that are part of our city.
We have many plans ahead and with your help we can continue to do them more and more attractive. We would like you to join us.
We are a real community, made of flesh and blood.
An open community, diverse and united by visual thinking.

Laia Abril, Sophie Köhler, Willy Rojas, Arena Miserachs, Pepe Font de Mora and Alberto García Alix have something to tell you...

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• Free entry to Foto Colectania as many times as you want
• Priority information on our programming
• Digital card that you can always carry with you
• Exclusive activities: Guided visits to our exhibitions with photographers, collectors and curators. Private visits to other exhibitions in the city, photographers' studios, collectors, workshops.
• Book a place in the activities carried out in Foto Colectania and in other institutions.
• Consult our library specialized in photography (prior appointment).
• Viewing of portfolios by the artistic directors of the Foundation (prior appointment).
• Special price of 1 € in the exhibitions at the KBr Photography Center - Fundación MAPFRE.
• Discounts on our publications and trips.

Tax advantages: According to patronage law 49/2002, a tax deduction of 80% may be applied on the first 150 € and 20% on the rest of the donation.