Cara a Cara exhibition at the Image Museum of Braga (Portugal)
© Fernando Lemos

Cara a Cara exhibition at the Image Museum of Braga (Portugal)

Spanish and Portuguese portraits from the Foto Colectania collection

The exhibition "Cara a Cara, Spanish and Portuguese Portraits of the Foto Colectania Collection" moves to Braga (Portugal), as part of the Mostra Espanha 2017 Festival.

Mostra Espanha is a program of cultural activities that, on a biennial basis, takes place in different locations in the neighboring country and whose main purpose is to show the dynamism and creativity of Spanish cultural industries at the present time. Its ultimate purpose is to offer experiences for cultural dialogue between the two countries.

Mostra Espanha Braga

In this exhibition we wanted to show the great pieces of contemporary Portuguese and Spanish authors of our collection, which on this occasion we have grouped around the portrait.
The diversity of the works presented comes from adding the most common approach to this genre, that of studio portrait, along with street photography. This license has allowed us to discover works that approach the medium from optics as different as spontaneity, complicity, control, rationality or chance.

The tendency of photographers to pay attention to details makes them skilled analysts of our looks and gestures; they know how to capture, as nobody else, the body gestures that identify us and give us away. For this reason, we have grouped the works of this exhibition around these two elements that concentrate the attention of photographers when they face face-to-face with the portrayed: the Look and the Body.

The viewer will first be surrounded by an infinity of looks. Direct, provocative, elusive, crossed looks, glances that hide, along with self-portraits: the photographer's gaze on himself. To be next with the expressiveness of the bodies, who speak to us with their gestures, and who also look at us.