Marriages XI: Paco Gómez / Jorge Guerra

Marriages XI: Paco Gómez / Jorge Guerra

Marriages XI. Paco Gómez/Jorge Guerra

"Marriages" is a programme of exhibitions organised for Bodegas Roda by the Foto Colectania Foundation from its permanent collection of photographs since May 2007.

The idea is to establish contact points between the work of two photographers, creating an interplay of echoes that leads to the enriching combination of two elements, such as the one obtained by marrying a dish with a glass of wine.

This exhibition takes us to the city of San Sebastian viewed by Paco Gómez in the late fifties and to Lisbon captured by the camera of Portuguese Jorge Guerra in 1967. There are photographers who feel freer photographing cities other than their own, possibly because of this strangeness caused when one describes daily life; however this proximity allows others, such as Gómez and Guerra, to reveal an attractive view that deepens one's knowledge to one's own world. The show can be seen at the exhibition hall of Bodegas Roda through April 2013.

Bodegas Roda is a Corporate Sponsor of the Foto Colectania Foundation.


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