Marriages XIII: Cities

Marriages XIII: Cities

Marriages XIII. Cities

"Marriages" is a programme of exhibitions organised for Bodegas Roda by the Foto Colectania Foundation from its permanent collection of photographs since May 2007.

The idea is to establish contact points between the work of two photographers, creating an interplay of echoes that leads to the enriching combination of two elements, such as the one obtained by marrying a dish with a glass of wine.

This time, the city is the protagonist : a setting that has always captivated photographers, and that serves as a starting point for them to reflect on the peculiar reality of every city.The works in this exhibition are iconic of the photographers series, made between the sixties and nineties, which at the same time are magnificient examples of the different ways of working in contemporary photography : Miserachs shows the vitality of his Barcelona Black and White, a photo-essay that renewed Spanish photography in the sixties ; Sanz Lobato , a pionner in anthropological photography, unveils an unpublished report about the old chinese town of Genoa, this work is full of energy and intuition, color pictures are provided by Ribas in his famous series of the nineties named "Barcelona", a critical view of city's periphery ; finally Laguillo reflects on architecture and urban changes with a frontal view , the essential of all his work, which was greatly followed by other artists in our country.

The show can be seen at the exhibition hall of Bodegas Roda through April 2014.

Bodegas Roda is a Corporate Sponsor of the Foto Colectania Foundation.


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Picture: Xavier Ribas, Untitled, 1996, Copia cromogénica, 46 x 56 cm. © Xavier Ribas