I Wanted to Be a Photographer

I Wanted to Be a Photographer

The SabadellHerrero space (Oviedo) presents "I Wanted to Be a Photographer", a collective exhibition that invites us to reflect upon the photographer’s role today.

From February 2, the SabadellHerrero space presents "I Wanted to Be a Photographer", a show that reflects upon the photographer’s role today, as well as upon the change of the image status on today's society. Through ten projects by twelve authors, selected by curators Fannie Escoulen and Anna Planas, the exhibition questions the very notion of authorship and illustrates the deep changes that are taking place in the field of photography.

Where is the border between appropriation and creation? From what moment can we certify that this is an original photograph? Creating a project by photocopying the pages of a book, tracing through YouTube the public imagination or digitally deleting the photographs of another artist to create new images are some of the proposals offered in this exhibition, which, in short, shows us how complex and diffuse the notions of authenticity, privacy and appropriation are in today’s society.

The authors

Laurence Aëgerter, Antoine d'Agata, Roger Guaus, Mishka Henner, Jan Hofer & Severin Zaugg, Michael Mandiberg, Doug Rickard, Thomas Ruff, Oliver Sieber & Katja Stuke and Stéphanie Solinas illustrate a wide variety of current photographic practices. From different approaches, which may well be political, poetic or extravagant, the artists here somehow always pay homage to photography, its technique and its aesthetics, thus showing us the increasingly open limits of our own creation.

Exhibition co-produced by the Banco Sabadell Foundation and Foto Colectania.

The exhibition was previously showed at Foto Colectania between October and December 2016.