Marriages XXV: Water
© Juande Jarillo. Pont St. Lambert, 2006

Marriages XXV: Water

March 15, 2021 - November 30, 2021

This new exhibition of photographs from the Foto Colectania collection is a visual proposal that shows us water in its different appearances. - rain, sea, rivers, glaciers or clouds, etc. - as part of its life cycle and as the origin and vehicle of our survival. Its constant presence in our lives is possibly one of the reasons why it is represented in numerous photographs in a more or less intentional way by the authors.

In some of the photographs in this exhibition, water is presented directly, becoming almost the protagonist of the shot; in other cases, it appears fused with the scene, showing how we relate to different environments. The diversity of the proposals leads us to assess their importance and, probably, to be more aware of their fragility.

The exhibition is an invitation to discover this natural element through photography and to see that contemplating water always causes us a renewed fascination.

The exhibition includes photographs of: Manel Armengol, Vari Caramés, Gabriel Cualladó, José Miguel de Miguel, Joan Fontcuberta, Alberto García-Alix, Francisco Gómez, Inês Gonçalves, Jorge Guerra, Juande Jarillo, Chema Madoz, Xavier Miserachs, Nicolás Muller, César Ordóñez, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Joana Pimentel, Leopoldo Pomés, Beatriz Romero, José Ronco and António Martín Sena da Silva.