Maridajes XXVI: Realities & fictions
© Cristina De Middel. Afronautas, 2011

Maridajes XXVI: Realities & fictions

December, 2021 - May, 2022

Maridajes is a series of exhibitions initiated in 2007 at the exhibition hall of Bodegas RODA (Haro, La Rioja) based on photographs from the Foto Colectania collection.

In each selection, a common link is established between different photographers under a central thematic axis. The 26th edition of the Maridajes cycle, entitled "Realities and Fictions ", combines the resonance between two authors who have much in common: Joan Fontcuberta and Cristina De Middel.

The series we present in Maridajes number 26: Sputnik by Joan Fontcuberta and Afronautas by Cristina De Middel, constitute - in both authors - one of their most emblematic works. Both play to provoke the viewer with the purpose of arousing doubt about the veracity of the stories they illustrate (based on true stories) and, in parallel, question the supposed objectivity of photography.

For Fontcuberta, Sputnik was one of the great moments of his career (his fiction came to be considered good by the public and the media); for De Middel, Afronautas was the brilliant beginning of her creative work. Both masterfully employ the use of visual impact and the reflection that their images provoke in us.

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