Maridajes IX: Juan Manuel Castro Prieto / Nicolás Muller
© Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

Maridajes IX: Juan Manuel Castro Prieto / Nicolás Muller

"Maridajes" is a series of exhibitions that the Foundation Photo Colectania made ​​from his photo collection in the exhibition hall of Bodegas Roda since May 2007.

The photographers Juan Manuel Castro Prieto and Nicolas Muller were born at different times and they have had different career paths. Nevertheless, there are many curious coincidences that bind them both personally and professionally. The selection of his pictures on the 9 th edition of the series of exhibitions pairings, which are part of the collection of the Foundation Photo Colectania, seeks to find common elements between two scenarios and ways to look different to discover the nuances of proximity of these two great artists . Bodegas Roda hosts the best works of these photographers through the series "Peru, travel to the sun" Castro Prieto (Madrid, 1958) and the early work of Muller (Orosháza, 1913 - Andrín, 2000), in a sample that can visit their showroom at the October 6, 2011 to March 31, 2012.


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