Marriages XIV: Women
© Helena Almeida

Marriages XIV: Women

Marriages XIV. Women.

Bodegas Roda, in collaboration with the Foto Colectania Foundation houses the 14th edition of the exhibition series "Marriages", organized since 2007. In this new cycle of "Marriages", a total of 20 photographers show their intimate look on the figure of the woman. In this exhibition, one can appreciate thow photographers from different periods and genres express their own vision of the female universe. In the show, one can see pictures by Helena Almeida, Manel Armengol, Vari Camarés, Toni Catany, Joan Colom, Gabriel Cualladó, António Júlio Duarte, José Miguel de Miguel, Paco Gómez, Chema Madoz, Ramón Masats, Oriol Maspons, Xavier Miserachs Nicolas Muller, Isabel Muñoz, Leopoldo Pomes, Humberto Rivas, Rafael Sanz Lobato, Ricard Terré and Javier Vallhonrat.

"Marriages" aims to bring together different photographic genres that serve as common thread to show the diversity of looks that are set to marry the pictures of different authors Foto Colectania's collection. This time, the exhibition "Women" shows us how several photographers have come recurrently, either for leisure or profession, to describe the world of women in his photographs. There are areas where this genre has been particularly prolific as would be the fashion photography. But this time, the interest is to reflect the figure of the woman as the center of the selection, including photographs taken at different times by photpgraphers very different from each other.

Throughout the exhibition, the photographs on the wall form a puzzle of pictures that refers to the cabinets of curiosities of the nineteenth century and allows the viewer to find his/her own connections: stolen snapshots of women roaming museums (Cualladó Gabriel and Rafael Sanz Lobato), the fleeting gesture of a woman getting into a car (Xavier Miserachs), waiting at intermission of the theater or during a break from work (Oriol Maspons and Paco Gómez), furtive hugs (Julio Ramón Masats and António Duarte) and portraits that suggest poetic worlds (Helena Almeida), along with fascinating women posing aware (Humberto Rivas and Nicolas Muller) or unaware (Javier Vallhonrat and Joan Colom). The result is a rich constellation of fascinating stories about women.

The exhibition will be in the Bodegas Roda until November 30, 2014

Bodegas Roda is a corporate sponsor of the Foto Colectania Foundation.