The Projector 2014 | Schools of Photography
© Sarai Rua, "Waly". IEFC.

The Projector 2014 | Schools of Photography

Damm Foundation

GrisArt, IDEP Barcelona and IEFC present to the public the most significant photography projects of this course.

Escuela Superior de Fotografía GrisArt

Luca Aimi, "The Walter Benjamin Zone"

Katia Repina, "Llámame Marta"

Alberto Alonso, "Harrizko Azala"

Jon Arruti, "In itinere"

IDEP Barcelona

Mireia Ayats, "404"

Eugenia Font, "Menaquia"

Jovi Acosta, "Zenit"

Yosigo, "Riu Avall"

Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC)

Clara Balaguer, "The Corner"

Marc Balló, "Natura Viva"

Paul Lerma, "Related Time"

Sarai Rua, "Waly"

Free admission. Limited seating.

*Members and Friends Foto Colectania have reserved seats.

After the screening, an Estrella DAMM beer will be offered at the terrace of the foundation.

Picture: Eugenia Font