Street Photography

Street Photography

Workshop on creating photographic projects for teens aged 15 to 19

In dialogue with the exhibition "Vivian Maier. In Her Own Hands". With the photographer Tanit Plana.

Thanks to the support of Fujifilm.

Activity designed and conducted by the Association A Bao A Qu.

Are you interested in photography? Would you like to create your own photo project? Do you want to deepen in the expressive elections of photography from the photographic creation to the editing and exhibition?

Accompanied by the photographer Tanit Plana and taking as reference the universe of Vivian Maier, we will explore for a week the power of photography to show the world around us. We will experiment with the expressive and technical choices of photography, and each participant will draw up its own photographic project, which will be edited and shown at the end of the workshop.

The workshop will be structured around 3 working sessions of four hours each, allowing 2 days of free working time to further develop and enrich the projects. This will be an eminently practical workshop of a creative nature, and will provide the participants with practical tools they can use to further deepen in their photographic research. Note: If you do not have a camera, please let us know when registering.

If you have a camera, bring it with you at the workshop!

Workshop sessions: 4, 6 and 8 of July, from 10am to 2pm For teens aged 15 to 19
Limited to 12 people, by order of registration.
Price: 45 € With this price, you are contributing with the organizational costs, thank you very much!

Educational activity promoted by Colectania and Fujifilm