'Fotodescobertes' of Ciutat Vella
©Fundació Foto Colectania

'Fotodescobertes' of Ciutat Vella


For a few months, El Borne has hosted two spaces of reference for the discovery and appreciation of photography: the Photographic Archive of Barcelona and the new headquarters of the Foto Colectania Foundation. The project Photodiscovery of Ciutat Vella wants to put the children and young people of the neighborhood in contact with these spaces and thus promote the discovery of photography, knowledge and the value of one's own environment, and the link with the proximity equipment.

In this first edition three educational centers accompanied each of one photographer participated. In this way, the collective creation processes of each group can give rise to a project of their own and at the same time framed in a common project shared by the three groups.

The axis articulator of the proposal is the portrait of the neighborhood through the spaces and the neighbors: we look at the streets, the squares, the buildings, the shops; we portray people who have links with these spaces, special attention to the portrait of the elderly, and the cultural diversity of the Ribera. In this way, through photographic practice we reflect on our own perspective: learning to photograph not only learns to create and express, but also puts into play a way of relating to the environment. Looking through the camera, recercant a photograph in reality, framing, composant, establishing an intimate and increasingly unique link with the world. Photography creates emotional bonds with the environment and stimulates its value. In this sense, photography has an incalculable pedagogical potential.

Hence the importance of the involvement not only of the photographers, but also of the teachers of the participating educational centers. Photographers and teachers have worked together in the development of the project, which is why teacher training is essential to equip it with the methodological, creative and instrumental tools to actively accompany the research and creation processes involved in the process.

Photodiscovery of Ciutat Vella i a project of the Photographic Archive of Barcelona and the Foto Colectania Foundation, conceived and developed by the A Bao A Qu Association.


The project has been developed between the months of January and May 2018 involving 3 primary and secondary groups of three schools in the neighborhood of La Ribera and the Raval. Good part of the processes are developed to the own educational center and in exits of photographic exploration of the district. They also have a central role in the process: visit the workshop at the Photographic Archive of Barcelona and the Foto Colectania Foundation. Each workshop has a visit-workshop in each space and six work sessions with the photographer. In addition, teachers have an 8-hour training.

The schools and photographers participating in this edition are:

Àngel Baixeras School
4th of Primary students
Photographer: Joan Tomàs

Milà i Fontanals Institute
Students in the 1st and 2nd Secondary School host class
Photographer: Tanit Plana

Cervantes School / Pau Claris Institute
4th grade Secondary School students
Photographer: Txema Salvans