A day in your life: Narrative Algorithms

A day in your life: Narrative Algorithms

Project carried out within the framework of IMAGENRED and the 4th edition of DONE

As a parallel action to the new edition of DONE 4, and within the framework of imagenred pedagogical profile program, in recent months we have promoted “A day in your life”, a web platform in which various groups of students have participated in This practical and reflective space on the idea of algorithm as a principle of creative action.

“A day in your life” is a project devised and developed by Julián Barón, Christian Robles, Xosé Lois G. Failde and Javier Roche.
The following schools have participated in the program: Fuga, Instituto 8, Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and IES Xograr Afonso Gómez.